Friday, May 23, 2014


My fun projects aren't really working out this week. I haven't yet touched the sideboard doors. The baby sweater is actually coming along, though slowly. Worst of all, the dress I'm making for Minna has me lost. I am usually very good at following instructions and having a garment just work out. I'm stuck at the neck facing. I could just wing it myself, add a 1/2" and hope for the best, but I really like to follow the directions. 
This is what the instructions say. But as you see in the photo below the facing does not overlap 1/2", it lines right up to the back fold.

This is a quick screen shot of the pattern piece. No notches 1/2" into the inside curve of the facing. Maybe that's not the issue but I'm clearly missing something.

HELP! I'm stuck and just want to keep sewing!

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